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Dyson Ball Animal Review #DysonAnimal

One day while dancing around running the vacuum, you notice something just isn’t right.  You’re pushing the vacuum back and forth, but yet all the sparkles from a bottle of glitter that one of the kids spilled is still shining brightly at you.  Almost mocking you. So you decide that maybe you need to vacuum a little slower to get those pesky little things out of the floor.  But wait, they are still there.  That’s the day the beloved vacuum you have used for many years has decided to kick the bucket.  Oh the horror! You have kids that love to craft, a fuzzy little family member and family that’s due to arrive in a couple of days.  It’s time to face the music and purchase a new vacuum cleaner.Dyson

At first, you stroll into the store thinking this is going to be the easiest appliance replacement ever. However, once you turn the corner to the vacuum aisle, you are completely over-whelmed.  Who knew there could be so many options when it came to vacuum cleaners? How am I suppose to know what’s gonna work best?  Let’s face it. A new vacuum cleaner is basically an investment. They aren’t cheap and once purchased we expect them to last. 

When mine died on me a couple of years ago, I had no idea what to expect when I went shopping for a new one. I hadn’t looked for one in several years.  After standing in the aisles for what seemed like forever for my husband, I decided on a vacuum.  Was it a Dyson? Nope, it was a different brand and for a couple of years I thought it was doing an awesome job,  until last month when I tried my very first Dyson.  I admit that I was blown away by the suction power and how easy it was to use.  

I couldn’t just go by that, I had to compare the two.  Let me say that the vacuum I purchased a couple of years ago, although not a Dyson wasn’t by any means cheap. As I mentioned earlier, I basically look at a new vacuum as an investment given their prices.  I vacuumed the entire house with my original vacuum that I had used for a couple of years, and then we immediately followed with the Dyson.  All I could say was WOW! This is what came up immediately after I vacuumed with our original.12540098_10208757871203299_1581491921_n

I won’t lie.  I did consider a Dyson a couple years back but wasn’t that familiar with them, so I passed. If you were to ask me now if I would pick a Dyson since that I have been using one, I would say yes in a heartbeat.  The latest Dyson upright boasts a very powerful suction designed to remove dirt and microscopic dust (even glitter). It self-adjusts to seal in suction across the carpets and hard floors which means I don’t have to continue to change the height depending on what surface I’m vacuuming.  Also, this little guy can turn on a dime. How is that handy? Try vacuuming a room and then glance over to see that you are seconds away from sucking up a beloved Lego.  True story! Anyone with boys knows how those little things just seem appear out of the blue! 

I love, love, love the instant-release high-reach wand. With my other vacuum, I ways always fighting with it to release my wand. Seriously, I could spend five-minutes just trying to free a wand just to suck down cob webs. With this however, it’s as simple as 123.  Also, the Ball Animal comes with the Tangle-free Turbine tool which allows me to remove human and pet hair without having it all tangled in there.  Talk about a time-saver!  Not only that, but it does feature a new multi-angle brush, which twists into different positions. This allows me to get into some pretty funky angles.12516640_10208759825092145_663727168_o

Also, did you know that the Dyson cyclones capture more dirt and microscopic dust than any other cyclone? I find little tidbits like this very interesting and helps me when it comes to choosing a product.  They have whole-machine HEPA filtration, capturing over 99% of pollen, mold, and bacteria!

The Dyson Ball Animal also brings Radial Root Cycloneâ„¢ technology to the table. Now if you’re anything like me, I’m sure those words have you scratching your head.  Basically it means this system is designed to maximize power.  A mesh shroud helps separate large debris, with inner cyclones generating powerful centrifugal forces.  Every angle of each airway is honed to ensure microscopic particles like pollen and mold are separated from the airflow.  Pretty impressive, right?

Dyson’s upright vacuums are also subjected to 550 tests for over 50,000 hours, and during a development a Dyson vacuum will be dropped onto a hard floor 5,318 times and will run 847 miles on a turntable rig.  See, that’s one thing that deterred me from purchasing a Dyson a couple of years back.  With boys in the house, I wasn’t sure if it would hold up to my youngest. Seriously, that kid can break anything. Now that I know these facts about the system, and that so far my youngest hasn’t been able to break it, I wouldn’t think twice to purchase another one.

One last thing about the Dyson Animal that impressed me. Remember when I said that I look at purchasing a vacuum as an investment. The good ones aren’t cheap by any means. With any investment we want to make sure it’s protected and with Dyson you do get a 5 year parts and labor warranty.  Now that’s something to put your mind at ease for sure!

Wanna see it in action? Here’s a video we did from taking it out of the box, assembling and giving it a test run.

If you are currently in the market for a new vacuum, be sure to check out the Dyson Ball Animal. It’s currently available at Best Buy with a SRP of $499.99 and comes with free shipping.


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