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Hard Candy Trolls Colorful Makeup Collection For a Limited Time Only at Wal-Mart



As the old saying goes, everything comes back around at one time or another. The 90’s and those oh so cute Trolls are no exception! When my six year old started seeing the trailer for Trolls she was so intrigued and asked if we could go to the big theater to see it. I too got excited and eagerly said YES as I chuckled on the inside at yet another blast from the past making a come back.

Hard Candy recently launched a new Trolls makeup collection that totally jives with the 90’s theme of bright, bold and beautiful. This collection launched just in time for the new Trolls Movie debut at the beginning of November and is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. Hard Candy’s Troll Collection is fun and is sure to turn heads wherever you go! There are nine products in the collection.  Here’s what the Hard Candy Troll Collection has to offer for those of us who don’t want to give up the 90’s just yet or even better….never:

Metallic Mousse

Prismatic Star Highlighter

Color Changing Lip Gloss 

Popping Pigments

Glitter Palettes 

Eye Palette

Marbleized Lipstick

Hair Chalk Tin

Mood Lip Balm (move over mood rings, there is a new kid on the block)


trolls3 trolls

Each piece of makeup retails between $6-$8 and are individually sold, making it easy to mix and match and customize your own look. Aside from the affordability, these products are sold at Wal-Mart’s nationwide making access to them easier than ever. Go ahead, be bold, beautiful and unique as you set out to bring some old favorites of the 90’s into 2016 and beyond!  



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