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Holiday Baking With Krusteaz

As we are currently in the final days until Christmas, life starts getting a little more crazy. For us, this is what I call “crunch time” since that’s when the ornament making, cooking baking and checking the lists twice begins. This year, Krusteaz just made my life a little less crazy with their awesome cookie mixes.

My boys love to bake and of course give baked gifts to our family and friends. With the help of Krusteaz they were able to do it all by themselves this year, with me just overseeing them. Talk about some very proud little boys when they went to serve some up for dessert at our early Christmas celebration. Not only did their cookies look amazing, but they received tons of compliments…and everyone thought that they were made from scratch. No one believed that all the cookies were made from using the Krusteaz cookie mixes!


For this holiday season, Krusteaz sent up the following cookie mixes:
• Butter Vanilla Sugar
• Shortbread
• Snickerdoodle
• Triple Chocolate Chunk

Along with that, they also sent us some fun cookie decorating items like a frosting pen, mini-cookie cutters, and FooDoodler Edible Markers. Not to mention a Krusteaz tote that came in handy when they delivered some of their cookies to neighbors!

With the Shortbread, there was a tasty thumbprint recipe on the back. We did some with thumbprints and some without. Those particular ones got rave reviews and they were gone in a second. Let’s just say, I’m glad I remembered to snap a picture before hand.

Next up are the Butter Vanilla Sugar cookies. I admit that I was worried at first on how these would turn out because the dough seemed to crumble pretty easy, but they turned out great. The boys made some sugar cookies with sprinkles on a stick with those, as well as some Christmas ones. Both held up amazingly well and tasted delicious!

Chocolate Chip Chunk…do I really need to say more? Seriously, not only do these cookies sound delicious, but they taste delicious as well. Little Luke practically gobbled these all up before they could get them boxed up for gift giving.

Last, but certainly not least are the Snickerdoodle cookies. These were one of my favorites next to the Shortbread for sure. They of course received a few compliments at the Christmas dinner as well!

What was a huge hit, and one that I forgot to snap pictures of was everyone decorated their own mini-sugar cookies too! Kids and adults both enjoyed having the opportunity to decorate their own desserts.  I premade icing ahead of time so it was ready to go for when dessert time arrived!

Looking for recipe inspiration? Head over to Krusteaz official site, and while there, also be sure to snag the printable coupon for .50¢ off All in all we were more than impressed with the Krusteaz cookie mixes, which is why we’re beyond excited to bring a giveaway to our readers!

The winner will receive:
• 2 boxes each of the following mixes:
Butter Vanilla Sugar, hortbread, Snickerdoodle and Triple Chocolate Chunk
• Some fun cookie decorating items like a frosting pen, mini-cookie cutters, and FooDoodler Edible Markers!
• A Krusteaz tote bag


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