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Make Movie Night Fun With 4 Holiday Selections from NCricle Entertainment!

As Christmas is fast approaching, our family loves taking some well needed time out to enjoy movie night more that once a week. This time of year, we start pulling out all the Christmas DVD’s and curl up on the couch, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying a bowl of popcorn. We have a mixture of movies that we enjoy, and NCircle DVDs are some that make it into the mix.  They have some pretty awesome Christmas collections this year.

Super 4 Playmobil: Welcome to KINGSLAND:

Welcome to Kingslad, a world of knights, dragons, quests, tournaments, castles, and wicked wizards! Kingsland is ruled by Alex’s father, the King. Prince Alexander is the heir to the throne but has renounced the luxurious life of a prince and has decided to travel the world to fight injustice before becoming king.

Stories included on this DVD are:
• Dragonriders
• I’m the King
• Princely Wedding
• Tower Trouble
• Convoy of Honor
• Baby Dragon
• Rage of Dragon

Sonic Christmas Blast

Santa Claus announces his retirement on television and the public is shocked! But it’s Santa’s replacement, Robotnik Claus, who has everyone worried. It seems Robotnik Claus has his own ideas, and instead of giving boys and girls gifts, Robotnik Claus would rather receive them. Join Sonic the Hedgehog in an adventure to rescue the spirit of Christmas and bring joy back to the world!

Additional episodes:
• Three Hedgehogs and a Baby: Sonic, Sonia, and Manic find an abandoned baby in an alley and begin a search for its parents.

The Price of Freedom: Sonia visits her friend, Mindy and discovers a connection between popular timepieces and the sinister Robotnik Intelligence Agency.

Plus Bonus Episode:
• Mummy Dearest: The gang must invade Robotnik’s lair to retrieve a Hedgehog Crest that has special powers.

Octonauts: A Very Vegimal Christmas

On this very merry DVD, join the Octonauts as they celebrate the holidays! The Vegimals’ plans for a Christmas feast aboard the Octopod are interrupted when the Octonauts become entangled in a gigantic blog of sea snot! The holiday excitement continues when the Octonauts travel to Professor Inkling’s childhood home, an undersea mountain, but soon discover that a rockslide has endangered the local creatures, including Inkling’s nephew, Squirt! Can the Octonauts rescue the creatures and save Christmas in time?

Includes 4 Adventures:
• Very Vegimal Christmas
• Great Christmas Rescue
• Arctic Orcas
• Orcas

• Learn more about marine life in creature reports
• Two Karaoke Music Videos

Dino Dan: ‘Twas A Dinosaur
Follow the adventures of paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world. Join Dan as he learns what might have

Stories included:
• ‘Twas a Dinosaur
• He Shoots, He Roars
• Gas-o-saurus
• A Winter Tail
• Tooth or Consequences

• Are We There Yet? World Adventure
• Dino Dan Field Guide: Brachiosaurus
• Dino Dan Field Guide: Stegosaurus

See, I told you that they had an awesome collection of holiday dvds and honestly there is no way that we can pick a favorite. I will say that the first one my boys popped in the watch was the Super 4 Playmobil. They are huge on Playmobil and love catching the other episodes on Netflix when they can. So this one definately got a thumbs up..especially from my six-year old.

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