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Fuzzy Flyers Review

Have you heard of a new toy that gets kids moving, interacting and having fun? The new Fuzzy Flyers will do just that and make a fantastic gift this holiday season. Just released on November 10, this super-soft lovable toy encourages kids to move away from the screen and into the playground of imagination.

Fuzzy Flyers is currently available in two characters; Coco and Chirpie. We have Chirpie at our house, and my boys have been asking for Coco as well. They have hours of fun playing with Chirpie, which has two games. One of the games are egg toss, and the other is skybird.

In egg toss, you toss Chirpie back and forth between players. The player that drops Chirpie or catches him too hard loses.

In Skybird, you toss Chirpie up in the sky, and while he’s flying up in the air, he yells cool, warm, and hot. The goal of the game is to keep in the air, which keeps him cool.

Each Fuzzy Flyer has two volume settings, which us parents really appreciate. On default it’s on the highest volume, but no worries. It’s very easy to switch it to the middle position.

Fuzzy Flyers are available with a SRP of $24.99.

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Chirpie also made as part of our Christmas Gift recommendations, you can check out the video here:

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