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Holland House Cooking Wine

For the most part,I can be found in the kitchen. I love whipping up new and tasty meals for my family to enjoy, as well as preparing the classics. Obviously I have my favorites when it comes to items that I keep on hand, and Holland House is a brand that is always found in my kitchen.

This year, Holland House brand has teamed up with Tatyana Nesteruk, host of a YouTube cooking show. Tatyana specializes in family friendly step-by-step tutorials which make cooking easier than ever.  With that being said I had to give it a try.  This dish is super easy to make and absolutely delicious.  Here’s the video for her Bold and Smoky Pepper Marsala Pasta using Holland House cooking wine.

Of course I had to make this dish after watching the video and it was amazing. 

I use Holland House cooking wines almost daily in our house and have yet to be disappointed in the quality or the taste. They bring a our the delectable flavor in slow cookers, meats, soups and sauces, and are perfect for using in every day meals like pasta and chili.

Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Holland House has five different cooking wine flavors that can be added to kick up your favorite recipes. Those are:
• Marsala cooking wine imparts a well-rounded, sweet wine flavor with hints of hazelnut that is versatile and ideal for cooking with beef, chicken and pork.
• Sherry cooking wine offers a mild, sherry-wine flavor with hints of nut and caramel, perfect for use in dessert recipes to balance sweet with a hit of nutty flavor.
• Red cooking wine offers a smooth, medium-bodied wine flavor that is ideal for cooking heartier dishes like beef, lamb and pork.
• White cooking wine adds a slightly dry, but distinct wine flavor perfect for bringing out the bold flavors in chicken, seafood and sauces.
• White with Lemon cooking wine brings a citrusy twist to the traditional white wine flavor, ideal for cooking lighter dishes like seafood.

Be sure to visit the Mizkan Holland House website to see the great selection of products, recipes and coupon savings.

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