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Don’t Let Stocking Stuffers Stink This Year with The Whiffer Sniffer Collection

Whiffer Sniffers, what a fun and intriguing name, ah? I have to admit, when I first heard the term Whiffer Sniffer I was bit uneasy. However, the more I browsed the fun and easy to navigate Whiffer Sniffer website the more I couldn’t wait to do a review. When they arrived I was just as excited as my six year old.whiffersniffers

What Are Whiffer Sniffers
Whiffer Sniffers are scented plush characters, and each one packs serious personality, charm and of course, a scent that will make it hard to pry your sniffer away!whiffer-sniffer3

There are three different Whiffer Sniffers products on the market. Backpack clips, super sniffers and whiffer stickers. There are currently fourteen characters to chose from. Each one has a fun name and smell that corresponds to their theme. For example,Tangerina Ballerina smells like tangerines, King Conga Coconut smells like coconuts and Tony Pepperoni smells like, you guessed it, pizza! Both the backpack clips and super sniffers have scents that will last at least up to a year and even longer if stored in their original packaging when not in use.whiffer-sniffer

We were generously sent six Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips and the Collectors Book for review. These things are awesome! Caroline whom just turned 6 is very drawn to stuffed animals and the littler the better. Now that she is in kindergarten and carries a backpack to school each day she has been clipping random stuffed animals and hand sanitize to it from the get go. Therefore, when these characters arrived she was totally beside herself! Admittedly, I found myself just as intrigued. We looked at the Collectors Book countless times, marking the ones we received and talking about ones we wish we (yes, myself included) had. I can definitely see why there is a Whiffer Sniffers craze and why they were voted one of the most wanted toys in 2015. Whiffer Sniffers were also awarded the Tillywig Sterling Fun Award and 2016 Product of the Year Creative Child Magazine.whiffer-sniffer2

The creators of the Whiffer Sniffers is the Bearington Collection so much like their bears, it makes perfect sense that they are very well made. The backpack clips retail for $7.50 while the super sniffers retail for $17.99 and the stickers for $2.50 per pack of 60. At prices so reasonable, Whiffer Sniffers are perfect for gift giving.. Go ahead, get a few and gift a few because everything else just stinks!FTC NEW

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