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Joovy Baby Products Review

If I was told last year at this time that within the year I would be preparing to bring a newborn home I would have said that was absurd but alas, here we are! Adding on to our house, trying to learn the ends and outs of FMLA and washing up tiny and oh so sweet baby boy clothes has been our reality over the last 8 months. Within the next 3-7 weeks our little Owen will be making his grand appearance. To say I’m having all the feels would be an understatement!joovy3

The last and only time I have done this newborn thing was six years ago which seems like forever ago yet just yesterday if you know what I mean. Things will be different this go around in the sense that I will be on a rather short maternity leave. I nursed Caroline for a few years but I also had the luxury of bringing her to work with me daily. It worked for us, it was easy and the need for bottles was never an issue. This time I will have to have bottles, a breast pump and all the supplies that go along with infant feeding. This scares me. In a competitive baby gear and accessory market it is easy to go nuts trying to find the very best fit for your wallet, lifestyle and most importantly, your new little one.

I recently partnered with the super nice folks at Joovy to help spread the word about their ever expanding feeding line and to help mom’s like myself take the guesswork out of finding the right fit. They generously sent me the Boob Bottle starter set and a set of two Silinoggie pacifiers. I can honestly say, the Boob Bottle gives me comfort and peace of mind knowing that the transition from breast to bottle does not have to be a dramatic one.joovy1

About the Boob Bottle:
The Joovy Boob Bottle comes in both a 5oz and 9oz option with 5 flow rate nipple options and two nipple designs.The advanced nipple option is designed to promote easy latching and transition from boob to bottle and bottle to boob. The Naturally Nood Nipple is specifically designed for babies who do not want to take a bottle. This nipple has a unique texture including interior bumps and exterior wrinkles much like a true human nipple. The wider base also allows for a wider latch which mimics breastfeeding characteristics. The Boob Bottle also offers a cleanflow vent system which helps prevent colic symptoms. One of the more impressive features in my opinion is the temperature control. The Boob Bottle has insulators that help maintain temperature throughout the course of a feeding and is freezer safe.joovy2

About the Silinoogie:
The Joovy Silinoogie pacifier is super soft, durable and transparent. Made out of silicone and designed much like a mother’s nipple, this pacifier is safe for newborns and up. It features an easy-grip handle and comfort shield to where it rests below baby’s nose. The Silinoogie is top shelf dishwasher safe and contains no tints. It is BPA, BPS, Phthalate and Latex free. The silicone makes this pacifier resistant to absorbing stickiness, odors or tastes. The Silinoogie comes in an array of color options and is also available in night glow so no more losing a pacifier into the abyss in the middle of the night! The Silinoogie is sold in a two pack and retails for $6.99.

Where to Buy:
Much like other Joovy products, the Boob Bottle and Sllinoogie can be purchased directly from their website, Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Toys R Us.

These two products have given me both peace of mind and confidence in the months ahead. While I still fear making the transition from breast to bottle and vise versa, I can rest easier knowing that thanks to Joovy and their amazing products, I am well on my way to a successful transition for both Owen and I. If you are in the same boat as myself or are looking for a nice, practical gift for someone with a newborn or whom is expecting, I highly recommend these two products and Joovy as a whole!


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