Teething is so hard

Davis has been super cranky for 2 days now. He cries if he gets what he wants and cries even harder if he doesn’t get what he wants. I will admit that yesterday he was a great kid in the am. He let me get the snacks fixed for the party I was having that night and never cried. Just played with the dog and his “ractor” (tractor). He was the best little thing. Then afternoon came and it was on. Nothing I could do would make him happy. He did head off to the party with me and Ryan was going to come and pick him up later on. I had to be at the party at 4:30. Ryan gets off work at 5, but didn’t get there until 6pm. Davis was driving me insane and I know everyone was wondering why on earth I had a party and not a babysitter. I felt so bad for the girl doing the party because I wasn’t planning on Davis being there that long.

The party went FANTASTIC!! I ended up getting $358 in free jewelry because they have a special promotion going on right now that if people bought over $500 at the party, then I would 50% of that for free, plus I could buy other things at 1/2 off. I think I am good and no need to buy anything half off unless I get a few additional presents for Christmas. I had one person book a party last night too. She is having her party in January and to be honest, I can’t wait. The spring collection will be out. Woo Whoo. Now I just need to get nicer clothes to wear with the jewelry. I have HATED going clothes shopping since Davis has been born. I can’t get back to my prepregnancy size and it drives me insane to buy a larger size. I am just going to have to admit that I am obviously not going to drop the pounds. No matter what I do seems to work. Heck, I even tried Alli. Now that was an experience in itself. LOL

Maybe one day I will enjoy buying clothes again. Until then, I suppose I can just buy the accessories for them.

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