Life with the new pet

So far so good I have to admit. Pringle is one year old and was only partial house broke, but so far no accidents. Last night went smooth. He didn’t cry at all and went right into his crate once we managed to pull Davis out of it. Davis wasn’t a happy camper for the dog to go into the crate, because Davis likes playing in it.

I have had to keep Davis out of it all morning with trying to explain that the crate was Pringles bed. I am not sure he really cares. Davis seems to also think that Pringle is another child. He wanted the dog to get on his bounce and spin zebra and wanted him to “seat” on a box in the laundry room. It will take awhile for Davis to understand that the dog won’t fit on those things.

Here is a picture I took a little while ago when they were both watching the cat out the window.

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