Scared of Santa

Ok, this year isn’t going to go as smooth as last year with the Santa pictures. Last year he had his picture made twice with Santa and didn’t mind. This year while we were at Pigeon Forge since they had their Christmas kickoff that weekend, they had Santa. Davis waved at him and I asked if he wanted to get his picture with Santa and he said no. I brushed it off and told him only for a second so I can get a picture and that even Angelica would go stand by him. I thought he was cool with that and was picking him up to take him over. Angelica was already beside Santa. Davis wrapped his arms and legs around my leg, started crying and wouldn’t let go. Ryan had to work his arms and legs off me

It was funny, its like reliving it with the girls. My mom and Ryan’s mom both have pictures of us crying with Santa. Funny how when they are tiny they don’t mind it and now they hate it



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