Kids Are Funny

Although we do live in the mountain area of the South, we hardly ever see snow. My now 18 month old maybe at most got to see a very light dusting of it about twice last winter. Well we woke up this morning to snow flurries. It is very odd for us to have this cold of weather so early in the winter season. Nothing is really laying on the ground, just falling and melting.

So I took him out to let him feel it, knowing that he wouldn’t remember it from last year. I told him to stick out his tongue and catch it and then told him it was snow. I showed him how it would melt in his hands and all that. THen I asked him what was falling from the sky and he looks at me and says SNOT. I tell him no that it is snow. He then points to his nose and says that it is snot. LOL…maybe one day he will understand that I am saying snow and not snot. He is probably wondering why snot that comes from his nose is falling from the sky

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